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Americans Glimpse a Ray of Hope in the Subprime Crisis from CreditBooster PRO

Avoiding and Averting Home Foreclosure

PHILADELPHIA --- Going by the name, "CreditBooster PRO," the As-Seen-on-TV or available from the Web audio CD holds promise for people with flailing credit. The focus of the educational content is on how to turn an adverse financial situation around and raise credit scores by at least 50 points in 90 days or less.

As ARM mortgages continue adjusting to higher interest rates, Americans who are facing foreclosure and the loss of their homes are discovering Federal assistance hasn't not sufficiently improved the problem. A higher credit score is the key that many homeowners are missing when they seek to refinance an ARM mortgage.

In 2006, borrowers could have qualified for their current mortgages with a score as low as 660 and a relaxed debt-to-income ratio. Today, most lenders want to see a middle credit score of at least 690 to 720 before they even consider the application.

Following the CreditBooster PRO program may improve personal credit scores by at least 50 points, and the program is guaranteed to work, or customers become eligible for a refund totaling 125 percent of the original purchase price.

A 50-point increase may be the determining factor between refinancing at a lower rate or foreclosure on a home.

While CreditBooster PRO may not be the answer for everyone, it is certainly worthwhile for those stuck in a subprime mortgage that is adjusting in the next few months.

The CreditBooster PRO Web site offers free access to a growing list of services that may further assist people with troubled finances. There is no charge to register on the site and use the services. Learn more online at

Customer Feedback

"...I've already managed to raise my score by 32 points in a matter of days!"
-Daryl Richter
Cherry Hill, NJ

"Credit Booster is so easy to use and understand. Everything is explained in plain english."
-Jenna Simmons
Dayton, OH

"...I found Credit Booster instrumental in enabling me to get a $75,000 loan to start my business."
-Aaron Schwartz
Silver Springs, NV

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