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Questions and Answers about CreditBooster PRO
  • What is CreditBooster PRO?
    CreditBooster PRO is an all new educational system designed by industry professionals that enables ordinary people to boost their credit scores sky high. The professionals behind CreditBooster PRO know how banks and other lenders rate you based on your credit score and other criteria. CreditBooster PRO takes this knowledge and presents it in an easy-to-understand audio program, that you can listen to any time, any where.

  • How do I use CreditBooster PRO?
    CreditBooster PRO ships to you as an Audio CD. Play it back in any CD player!

  • What is a Credit Score?
    To put it simply, a Credit Score is number that ranges from 300 to 850. It is like a report card grade for your credit history. If you have bad credit, chances are your score is low. The opposite would be true if you had good credit. You actually have three credit scores, one from each of the credit bureaus - Trans Union, Equifax and Experian. CreditBooster PRO shows you how to boost your score on all 3 credit reports.

  • What is considered an "excellent" Credit Score?
    An "excellent" Credit Score rating means that you qualify for the best deals a given lender offers. The means the lowest interest rates and highest loan amounts. For your score to be considered excellent by a lender, it typically has to be 720 or greater. The average credit score for consumers is around 670, and with Credit Booster PRO you are guaranteed an additional 50 points - this means a 720 or higher average credit score!

  • I heard that if I hire a credit repair firm, it will erase my bad credit. Is this true?
    Unfortunately, the answer is a NO. It is not possible for any firm to delete factual data from your credit report. What they can do is remove certain obsolete information as well as make corrections to erroneous data. Of course, you can do this yourself for free, simply by contacting the credit bureaus yourself. CreditBooster PRO will address this issue for you, because a high percentage of people have erroneous data on their credit reports, which drags down their score.

  • Why does CreditBooster PRO take up to 90 days for a 50 point increase?
    There are many websites and products which make outrageous claims based on special situations. They will say you can gain 100-200 points in less than a month, sometimes in 48 hours. For most consumers this is not a realistic expecation, and in most cases the score is raised from 300 to 500. That is a 200 point increase, but the score is still terrible. With CreditBooster PRO, our program guides you to a 700 score and beyond, regardless of what your current score is.

  • Why is CreditBooster PRO sold for $49.95?
    When you purchase CreditBooster PRO, you are not paying for a product - you are paying for guaranteed results. By improving your credit score with CreditBooster PRO, you will end up saving hundreds of dollars in finance charges each month. It easily pays for itself if you use it. If you do not achieve the results we guarantee, then you can claim a 125% refund. That's how confident we are in CreditBooster PRO.

Customer Feedback

"...I've already managed to raise my score by 32 points in a matter of days!"
-Daryl Richter
Cherry Hill, NJ

"Credit Booster is so easy to use and understand. Everything is explained in plain english."
-Jenna Simmons
Dayton, OH

"...I found Credit Booster instrumental in enabling me to get a $75,000 loan to start my business."
-Aaron Schwartz
Silver Springs, NV

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