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All About CreditBooster PRO

CreditBooster PRO was created as a way to help consumers across America improve their Credit Scores. We feel that the banking and lending industries rely far too much on misdirection and ignorance to reap huge profits, and with CreditBooster PRO we seek to change that.

The mission behind CreditBooster PRO is to help consumers improve their scores by educating them about their finances. We take obscure banker jargon and present it in everday terms that are easy for non-bankers to understand. CreditBooster PRO also dispels the many myths that are spread as a result of people not knowing where to go to find the facts.

CreditBooster PRO was created and published by holoMaXx technologies®.
Customer Feedback

"...I've already managed to raise my score by 32 points in a matter of days!"
-Daryl Richter
Cherry Hill, NJ

"Credit Booster is so easy to use and understand. Everything is explained in plain english."
-Jenna Simmons
Dayton, OH

"...I found Credit Booster instrumental in enabling me to get a $75,000 loan to start my business."
-Aaron Schwartz
Silver Springs, NV

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